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»Wednesday, August 27, 2008«

Comic Con 2008 - Manitoba

Okay, so, if you didn't know already...I want to go to the Manitoba Comic Con in October, but for the past couple of months things have just been getting in the way of that. First, there was scheduling and mom couldn't get off work...but now she has that weekend off and all I have to worry about now is money for the plane tickets. They started off at around $800 and mom said that they would have to be around $3oo-$400 if she was going to have enough money to get them and still go to Vegas in November. Well, the tickets have been fluctuating for the last couple of months, from $600 to $500, but I just checked the site again recently and the tickets are now only $482! Oh my god, I hope they go down just a little bit more, before October 11th...and then I will be able to go see Justin Hartley and Erica Durance! I'm so excited.


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»Saturday, July 26, 2008«

Shocking and Upsetting...

Okay, so I start out today as any other day online...check my email, check my MySpace and what not...and I read on MySpace that not only is my aunt bi-curious now, but she's pregnant again. Or so, that's what she's telling people on her blogs. So, if you have a girl friend...then how are you pregnant exactly? Anyway, she's writing that she is pregnant with her third baby and that it's a boy this time, which isn't true. First off, she would've told someone in the family if she were pregnant. Secondly, it's not possible because she had the Depo-Provera shot after Kylee was born, which prevents contraception for 5 years. I wrote her a message and asked her why she was telling people that she was pregnant again, and she hasn't gotten back to me yet, go figure. She is so dramatic all of a sudden, first with telling people that she's bi-curious and that she has a girl friend named, Amanda...then being a Wiccan or a witch or whatever she wants to call it.... and now she's trying to get a rise out of someone else with this lie. What will it be next?

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»Monday, June 23, 2008«

A lot of sitting around...

Well, I'm back from my aunts house now and am glad to be home. I didn't really do a whole lot of "babysitting", since the entire week just seemed like I was sitting around being useless. There was really no point for me to be there, except maybe to visit the girls and be bored out of my skull. I mean, instead of going out and looking for a job like she was supposed to be doing, while I watched the kids, she sat at home like she always does. Okay, well, she went out a few times....to get cigarettes, in which case she did bring back a few applications but she didn't bring them back when I was there, who knows if she did yet. She filled out a couple online from Burger King and McDonald's but she didn't really need me there to watch her kids for that. She also went to a concert with some 19 year old, while his 16 year old girlfriend stayed home with the girls. Again, there was no need to have me there if she was just going to go out and get someone younger to babysit, instead of having me do it for free. After that, she went out to get coffee with another guy and I really wasn't really doing a whole lot there either, since the toddler was sleeping and the 6 year old was already outside playing with her friends, and she was outside until April got home anyway. The only time that I actually did any babysitting was when she went out to a gay/bi night club with some of her friends, which she probably could've spent looking for a job, but whatever. It was late at night, so the only kid I had to watch was the 6 year old and she pretty much sat on the couch and watched T.V. all night, until I put her to bed. April got home at about 3:00 a.m. and I was told all about her night. Leave it to her to go to a gay/bi night club and get hit on by a guy. Yeah, if I didn't mention it yet, my aunt has decided to turn over a new leaf and change her lifestyle to bi curious, which is a load of crap. Anyway, the next day I went home and only after I left is when she started go out and look for a job. So, again, the only thing she got out of me being there is free internet....because I had brought my computer over there with me. That's why I am happy to be back home. Well, that's all for now.



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»Monday, June 16, 2008«


So, my aunt April just called this afternoon and asked me to come up to Grand Rapids for a week and watch the girls during the day, while she tries to go find a job, so I guess I'm going to be babysitting for awhile. And of course I'm a pack rat because I've packed everything that I can't live without, including my computer, the camera and my Smallville DVDs ...even my kittens. Lol. Well, she has a pool so I guess that beats a fishy lake any day. That also means I get to spend a little bit more time with my sister too. I hope I have fun and I will take plenty of pictures I'm sure. Well, here she is to pick me up so I have to go now.

L@T3R Days!


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*UPDATE: It turns out that the dinner wasn't at my grandparents' house, so you see I didn't really get that much detail about it. All I got was "We're going to have dinner with grandpa and grandma." We ended up taking them to Fire Mountain, which is cool because I really like that place. And my sister ended up meeting us there, which is another plus. Well, I guess that's all for now.

And I did get home in time for my show that was on Sunday night, which is Army Wives. They just started season 2 and it has been a complete shocker so far because their daughter died in the premier and now one of the army wives' husbands is MIA. I just hope that they don't kill anymore people off of the show, and especially not my favorite, Trevor. I just might not watch it anymore if they do that. Lol. I don't know. Maybe I still will but who knows.


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»Sunday, June 15, 2008«

It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.

So, I guess I haven't really updated this blog in awhile. It's been a little over a year, partly because I kind of forgot about it, but mostly because I don't really lead that much of an interesting life. Well, at least in my own opinion, but as of today I am going to start writing about my life a little more. Not that any of this is ever going to be read by any outside readers; not a lot of people read it when I first started it, but I'm writing it more for me.

A lot has happened in my one year hiatus so-to-speak, but I can't actually remember all the details enough to write the specifics, so I'll just start where I left off. The last thing I wrote about was my Aunt having a baby; that baby is now 19 months old. I guess time flies when you're not writing everything down. By the way, you can just click on any of these pictures and make them bigger.

Not much has happened to me really, I still attend Lansing Community College and I'm still jobless...but I did have the opportunity from my educational psychology course, to go back to my old high school in Eaton Rapids and observe one of my favorite teachers classrooms for the entire day. It was fun and it was nice to see him again. He looks better than what I remembered, bad thing is that he's married now. But I still hope that someday I will be able to teach there, and hopefully by observing in that particular school, has brought me one step closer to my goal. I also have a new batch of kittens running around the house. Well, I guess that's a slight lie as well because they too aren't exactly babies anymore; they're about 7 weeks old, but so adorable. I am working on getting a job close to home ...and as soon as this place around the corner opens up I'll be all set. Other than that, I'm working on getting my license, finally, so I'll be able to get a job in town.

I recently got back from a trip to Vegas to see my brothers and my father about a week or so ago, and despite what you hear about the desert, it was quite chilly and rainy the majority of the time that we were there. It was still fun though, for the most part...and I say that literally because the last few days were kind of a hectic handful when it came to certain company. We stayed in a condo, which was awesome, while my grand parents stayed at the Excalibur hotel and casino. We did also have one of the nicer hotel and casinos, Venetian, at our disposal for a couple of days but we let grandpa and grandma use that too. So, me, my mom and my sister were pretty much always in the condo. There pool is awesome; they have a waterfall connected to it. My sister and I got some nice pictures in there, so that was fun. And we did get to see a lot of cool other stuff, including the Wax Museum, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. We didn't end up going on the Price-is-Right but there's always next year.

That's about as far back as I can remember that anything remotely interesting enough to write about has happened to me. I did pass all my spring courses and I'm enjoying the summer. This summer has been a good one so far, even though I did lose my favorite cat, Justice, at my aunts house in Grand Rapids. He's been gone for about a week and I really do miss him. I had her post some missing cat signs up around the trailer park and hopefully someone will find him and bring him back. Other stuff has happened, including certain family matter stuff that I prefer to keep private...so we'll just move on. In other news, my sister is now staying with my aunt in Grand Rapids because she got a new job out there as a CNA. I guess her and her boyfriend are now looking for a place somewhere between there and Muskegon; hopefully closer to Grand Rapids. That way she'll be closer to us in the long run. I hope they find a place soon and get settled down before school starts back up. I don't know what her plans are for college in the fall...but I think that she's going back for more nurse training or whatever, to further her degree.

As for me, I'm going to be taking some fall courses...probably going to over-load it since I can't wait to get this college thing over with already and start my career as a teacher. It seems like it's taking forever and even after so many years of college, it still doesn't feel like I've accomplished anything yet. I don't know, I guess I'm just looking forward to making my own money and standing on my own two feet for a change. It'll be a nice change of pace for me and I know it will make me feel so much better about myself in the long run if I actually do something on my own that constitutes as a job well done; other than graduating high school that is. After all, it is by what we ourselves have done, and not by what others have done for us, that we shall be remembered by.

More onto recent events though, I have this thing to go to at my grandparents' house later this evening. I guess we're going to have dinner and talk or something, but it's mainly for my mom to go and see her dad on father's day. Which makes me hate the fact that my father lives about 7 states away from me and I can't even spend time with him on father's day, or his birthday for that matter. I'm lucky to even get a chance to see him on holidays, along with my brothers. I thought about sending him a card, but then it wouldn't exactly get to him until after father's day anyway, so why bother right? I don't know. Maybe I'll just give him a call or something later today; that is if he'll even answer his phone. He has a tendency not to do that.

Anyway, on a brighter subject...I've been waiting I don't know how many years for this to happen and now it's getting closer and closer to actually happening, but next weekend I am finally going to go down to that tattoo parlor and get that tattoo that I've wanted for a few years now. I'm so excited about June 29th because that's when my mom said she would go and see about getting it done. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have the symbol that I want resting on my lower back. I'll post a picture of it to show anyone who cares what it looks like, although it is going to be a little bit lower than the one in the picture. Well, that's all for now...but I will be writing back shortly to update and let you know how that dinner turns out.



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»Monday, December 04, 2006«

Kylee Rae

Lexana baby on Smallville.

"Well, my Aunt April finally had her baby on November 21st at like 2:00 a.m. Her name is Kylee Rae Knolten, but we prefer to just call her Kylee, and she weighed 5 lbs 13 ounces. She looks just like a miniture little Destiny. I will have pictures up here soon! That's about all for right now...so later!"

Blessed Be,


"Here's an updated picture of little baby Kylee with me, just like I promised."

"...and here's a picture of Kylee with her big sister, Destiny."

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»Thursday, August 24, 2006«

*sigh* Zac drama, again....

Okay so, Zac just called me again. Apparently he's in town and staying at a hotel and he wants to know if he can stop by tomorrow. I'm like.. "Uh...I guess." ...and then he gave me the number to the hotel, asking me to call him. So, I was like "Sure?" He gave me the number, and then I hung up. And I just now realized that I don't have an '8' button that works. Ah well. No big loss.

He's probably going to call back and ask what's up. But oh well.

On a happier note, I just got back from class today at about 2:00 pm and it wasn't as boring as I thought it'd be. Okay, the class is History of Art I and I thought it'd be boring, but it turns out that I know a lot more about Art than I thought. I've taken like 5 art classes during High School and I guess now it's paying off. Anyway, that's all that happened to me today, so later!


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